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10° Concept

A welcoming bathroom

Contrived one-off ideas do not survive long on the market of good design. Only designs that are thought-out to the last detail from the start will endure. Such is our ever-expanding 10° concept, which has accumulated a number of domestic and foreign awards for original design. All the elements of the 10° concept form a logical whole and their growing range makes them the ideal choice for both fans of classic shapes whose bathroom does not require asymmetrical solutions and for those with specific requirements for their interior, where asymmetry helps them save space.
The number 10 indicates the exact number of degrees by which we rotated or tilted certain products in the 10° concept to make everyday use of the bathroom easier and more pleasant. The ingeniously simple solution builds on the initial idea of rotating a classic bath by 10°. This allows it to offer more storage space and provides plentiful shoulder space for showering when fitted with a bath shower screen. Rotation or tilting by 10° has since then expanded to other products that now fall within the 10° concept. You can thus enjoy the benefits of the feature on a corner washbasin, on water taps or on a unique asymmetrical shower enclosure. Proponents of more traditional shapes can choose from a rectangular bath, square or rectangular shower enclosures or rectangular washbasin. All the elements of the 10° concept are linked by unified style, high-quality materials and the authorial signature of our experienced Czech designer.

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Bathroom concept 10° received prestigious international product design award:
Bathroom concept 10° received prestigious international product design award

Recommended components of the 10° Concept

10° Concept

Practice inspired design

The author of the concept is the Design Nosal studio, who were inspired by extensive experience in product design to create a solution that is practical and respects your need to spend time in the bathroom every day.

10° Concept

Classic shapes in a modern concept

Concept 10° offers simple classics transformed to meet modern requirements. Is a classical rectangular bathtub your preference? You can not only have it but at the same time appreciate the benefits of its innovative solution.

10° Concept

Universal design

The concept does not require the implementation of all products simultaneously. Individual products can be placed separately, yet the practical effect of the concept will not be lost.