Water Taps

10° built-in taps

The 10° built-in taps are available as bath and shower taps, optionally with or without a diverter according to specific conditions in the bathroom. The diverter at the bath is used to toggle between the overflow filling and showering. In shower enclosures it switches between the fixed and the hand shower.

Mounting of the 10° built-in tap on the wall is 10° inclined toward the hand. The lever is comfortable to hold, but still not obstructing when showering and bathing.

To facilitate installation, we offer the R-box universal installation system also for the 10° built-in taps. Unlike traditional built-in taps, the R-box installation is much easier and the replacement, if necessary, of the top visible part simple. Through this plastic part, the water distribution can be vented without closing the water mains.