Whole Bathroom Solution

Formy 01 Concept

Gentle Transformation of Shapes in Two Forms

Puristically clean set of bath and basin with purposefully asymmetric design.

The Forms bathroom concept has received the prestigious award:
The Forms bathroom concept has received the prestigious award

Recommended components of the Formy 01 Concept

Koncept Formy 01

With Table-top Basin

The Forms basins offer maximum space for the arms and thanks to their placement on a table also ample space for placing your bathroom necessities. The table board is available in three different colours and materials and two different shapes.

Koncept Formy 01

With a Bath That Never Gets Old

Our designer broke up the usual symmetry of rectangular baths by making one of the edges wider than the other, creating a puristically clean and comfortable, yet remarkable-looking bath.

Koncept Formy 01

With Opportunity for Your Own Design Input

You yourself can aesthetically finalise the design of the bath so that it fits with your personality and your bathroom. Use a wooden corpus, ceramic tiling or artificial stone and give your bath a distinct overall look.