Whole Bathroom Solution

10° Concept

A welcoming bathroom

The number 10 represents the angle in which we turned or inclined all of the objects in the Concept 10° bathroom to become welcoming and facilitate your daily use of the bathroom. The simple but ingenious solution is based on the originally classic bathtub rotated by 10°. This adaptation offers more storage space in the bathroom and the screen allows for showering with a comfortable shoulder width. The bathroom mathematics is complemented with the wash basins rotated towards the inside space and ergonomically inclined mixing taps turned towards your hands.

Bathroom concept 10° received prestigious international product design award:
Bathroom concept 10° received prestigious international product design award

Recommended components of the 10° Concept

10° Concept

Practice inspired design

The author of the concept is the Design Nosal studio, who were inspired by extensive experience in product design to create a solution that is practical and respects your need to spend time in the bathroom every day.

10° Concept

Classic shapes in a modern concept

Concept 10° offers simple classics transformed to meet modern requirements. Is a classical rectangular bathtub your preference? You can not only have it but at the same time appreciate the benefits of its innovative solution.

10° Concept

Universal design

The concept does not require the implementation of all products simultaneously. Individual products can be placed separately, yet the practical effect of the concept will not be lost.